Make your Pet a Christmas Card Superstar

We have designed six templates for you to pick one of as the theme for your pets Christmas card. Cards cost €3.00 per card with a minimum order of 10 cards  for €30 with €5.00 from every order going to My Lovely Horse R‭escue ‬and ‬Dundalk Dog Rescue‭. ‬

Order your personalised pet cards in 6 simple steps:

1.‭ ‬ Pick a template

2.‭ ‬ Pay a €10 deposit

3.‭ ‬ Send a pet photo

4‭. ‬ Get a sample card PDF from us

5‭. ‬ Pay balance‭ of €20 + ‬postage €6.50

6.‭ ‬ Receive personalised pet cards 

Delivery is by ‭tracked An Post and costs ‬€6.50‭. ‬

Card ordering for 2023 is by email only, contact us at:


Choose from 6 templates
Here are the 6 templates for you to pick one of for your pets card


€5.00 from every order goes to My Lovely Horse R‭escue ‬and ‬Dundalk Dog Rescue‭ ‬so you are helping furry friends all over Ireland with every purchase ‬

My lovely horse rescue  and dundalk dog rescue